Preventive Medicine

Wellness Examinations: allow for the identification of health concerns early on, resulting in better treatment options and prognoses for your pet.

Vaccinations: support a long, healthy life for your pet. We will discuss which vaccines are recommended for your individual pet based on current research of diseases in your area and the lifestyle of your pet.

Dentistry: A crucial component of your pets overall health. Oral disease can impact the health of other bodily functions especially if the body has concurrent health concerns. It has also been shown to positively impact your pets behavior by eliminating oral pain.

Flea, Tick and Heartworm Preventives: ensure your pet avoids harmful diseases that can be difficult and costly to treat.

Blood Work: evaluates the function of internal organs and assists in identifying disease processes that your pet may have.

General Surgery

● Spay and Neuter

● Gastropexy

● Mass removal

● Abdominal Explore / Foreign Body removal

● Repair Third Eyelid (Cherry Eye)

● Ectopic Cilia Removal

● Entropion / Ectropion

● Enucleation

● Dental Cleaning and Extraction

Orthopedic Surgery

This service is offered at our sister clinic, Westview Veterinary Hospital, Inc. 419-332-5871

Laser Therapy

A quick, non-invasive procedure proven to increase blood flow and stimulate cell regeneration to aid in healing.  This therapy has demonstrated its effectiveness with post-op healing, acute injuries and chronic injuries such as disc abnormalities, arthritis, strains and sprains. This service is offered at our sister clinic, Westview Veterinary Hospital, Inc. 419-332-5871

Nutrition and Weight Management

Feeding our pets is something we do every day twice a day to help prolong our pets lives. Here at Lakeshore we stand behind foods that have been food trial tested. We recommend these diets because they have veterinarians on staff that formulate these diets and then conduct a food trial test to ensure the levels are correctly balanced. If you would like further information on food trial testing and AAFCO statements and what to look for please let us know.

We do not recommend any grain free diets. The FDA is investigating the link between grain free diets and heart issues, mostly effecting large breed dogs. Please call us if you would like recommendations on what would be the best way to switch off of a grain free diet.

Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog or cat is very important. If you feel that your pet is overweight and would like a detailed feeding guide for your pet to loose weight please give us a call. Below are the questions you may be asked.

                       ● What brand of food are you feeding your pet?

                         ● How much food? And what are you using to measure?

                         ● How active is your pet?

                         ● If your pet is not current with us we will need a current weight and technician may need to  assess your pet’s  current BCS.

We currently offer the Purina line of veterinary diets. If you have any questions about these diets please give us a call. Below is a list of all recommended diets that have been food trial tested.

                      ● Purina Pro Plan or Purina One

                         ● Hill’s Science Diet

                         ● Royal Canin

                         ● Iams

                         ● Eukanuba

Fear, Anxiety, and Stress Management

A trip to the vet can cause your pet to become fearful, anxious and stressed. We can discuss pre-trip preparation and travel methods to reduce these altered behaviors before even entering the veterinary hospital. While at the hospital, our staff uses fear free interaction and handling techniques to improve both your own and your pet’s experience here.

The daily life experiences faced by your pet can cause altered behaviors as well. Whether the behavior is related to separation, traveling, or specific triggers, we will work with you to find a treatment that works best for your pet.


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